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3D BuildTech designs, develops, and manufactures 3D EPS building panels for an efficient and eco-friendly alternative building system that reduces time and material costs of construction execution.

With one of the most Advanced Building System in the industry, 3D BuildTech has positioned itself to be a leader in providing the highest quality building system. Led by a partnership of passionate entrepreneurs, 3D BuildTech has invested in high tech skills enabling its people to continue to provide best solutions.

Our system offers monolithic 3D EPS panels that can be used for the entire top structure of a building; from floors, walls, slabs, and roofs. These panels are used in the construction of structures accommodating a variety of designs and shapes of buildings.

Our Advanced Building Systems



3D panel consisting of reinforcing welded wire meshes, expanded polystyrene core and diagonal truss wires connecting them, for fast and high-quality construction.

3D panel is a spatial structure consisting of a expanded polystyrene plate (usually called core), both sides of which are fixed welded wire fabrics made of high strength wire. The welded mesh fabric connected piercing polystyrene with truss of steel wire, welded to the welded fabric at an angle. It gives a rigidity spatial structure, and simultaneously prevents polystyrene core shifting.

3D panel is a versatile structural element designed for floors, walls, partitions, roof, stairs.


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Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has good insulation and thermal insulation properties. Building from expanded polystyrene 3D panel is strong, reliable and economical.

As the core of 3D panel, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is one of the most inexpensive materials having good mechanical and electrical insulation properties and a significant structural flexibility. The installation process is simple and requires no special tools or skilled labor.

As eco-friendly material, it is indispensable for thermal insulation of underground parts of buildings, foundations, walls, basement, floor. It is adaptable to all types of structures from affordable housing or upscale homes, motels, condominiums and warehouses as well as schools and strip malls, and low cost concrete privacy walls.

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3D Panel

3D panel advantages: thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire safety and durable, reduce construction cost and time, no need heavy construction equipment.

Reduce the cost of construction up to 45%.
Construction periods are reduced by 5-6 times.

Greatly reduced transport costs. Light weight panels: do not use cranes and other heavy construction equipment. Weight standard panel 1.2 × 3m without shotcrete - 20kg. Reduce to 3 - 4 times the cost of transporting building materials. So, for example, one truck can deliver a set of building elements required for the erection of the building, with a total area of 100m2.

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