3D panels specification
detail and six common types sizes

  1. The outer layer of shotcrete.

  2. Welded reinforcing mesh of high wire.

  3. The expanded polystyrene sheet core.

  4. Diagonal wire (stainless or galvanized wire).

  5. The inner layer of shotcrete.

We manufacture all sizes of 3D panels, with customisation where required.

3D Panel dimensions:

  • Length - from 2m - 6m.
  • Width - 1.20m.
  • Thickness  From 50mm -120mm, this applies for walls, slabs and roofs.
  • Weight: 25kg ( 3 × 1.2m panel).

Reinforcing welded mesh of high-wire

  • Materials: low carbon grade, and galvanized wire.
  • Reinforcing mesh wire diameter: 3mm - 4mm.
  • Mesh size of 50 × 50mm
  • Diagonal wire stainless steel or galvanized wire diameter of 3mm- 4mm.
  • Step laterally - 100 or 200mm.
  • Step longitudinally - 100mm or 200mm.
  • The distance between the mesh and polystyrene - 20mm
  • The number of diagonal bracing rods : 100 pieces per Sq. m.

Finished design also includes:

After the assembly of reinforced 3D panel at a construction site, Shotcrete will be applied to the panals via a shortcrete machine with 2 to 3 layers of shotcrete.