Life is made of ever so many partings welded together.

Charles Dickens

3D Wire Panels for Load Bearing Walls and Load Bearing Slabs


3D panels with foam are perfect materials for 3D wall and floor panels.

3D wire panels with the following specifications for 3D wall, load bearing walls, load bearing slabs, wall partitions, and roof.

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Reinforcing Welded 3D Panels - High Wire Mesh and EPS


3D-panels with 120mm EPS & 80mm EPS & 50mm EPS.

Reinforcing Welded Mesh

Welded 3D Panels Price and Common Sizes


Welded 3D panels system is a new construction techniques and options for conventional concrete building design. They are welcome by contracting company in the world who is exploring new construction techniques for house building.

Nowadays, some areas is suffering from a lack of new technologies as well as a daily increasing cost of labour. For example, Mauritius and surroundings regional construction market, Greece and India construction market.

Furthermore the growing demands for constructions in the region make us realize that it is a must to develop new types of construction. Our 3D panel construction system is the right new method of construction. It is It is simple to operate, and save labour.

In fact, we have large quantities of welded reinforcing mesh 3D panel with expanded polystyrene core exports to these regions. Our customers often order several FCL 40ft HQ panels.

Hot specifications of welded 3D panels ordered by customers
Photo Examples

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